Jeremy’s world view so far!


Hopefully broadened as I travel the road.

Every human being is made in the image of God the creator of all things.

The Creator has imparted free will to every human being.

Therefore, every human being should be treated with dignity because they reflect the attributes of the Creator.

This frees every human being to choose their own destiny & world view.

With this freewill comes responsibility and accountability.

He passionately desires that they choose freely to do so.

The Creator has invited every human being to be part of his eternal family.

He accepts that many will not.

Entrance into the eternal family is achieved by an act of faith followed by an instant of divine personal revelation in the human heart.

We are not to judge others but simply extend divine love.

Once part of Gods family it is a son/daughter’s ambition to reconcile all creation to Him through the medium of love.

We can judge our own heart through meditation on the Bible.

By radiating the fragrance & humility of Jesus we seek to extend God’s invitation to those around us.

Every human being has a unique story that deserves attention and respect whether we agree with them or not, it is their story.

Some will be attracted to the fragrance while others will not.

Having listened attentively to their story we seek humbly to share His story and allow His spirit to work in their hearts.

Spiritual re-birth is a divine act of God, it cannot be accomplished by human effort.

A human can encourage that re-birth by sincerely seeking, knocking, and asking.

To be born again into the eternal family is a gift of infinite, incomprehensible value.

Its true value is tasted now but fully revealed when we pass out of this world and into the next.

To go much, much deeper and to be truly inspired I can highly recommend downloading on to your phone or tablet the Audible book.

"Revelations of Devine Love".

Written in the 13 century by a  remarkable person and beautifully read in modern English.

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