The Sailing Adventure of a Lifetime.


A wonderful 42 meter gaff-rigged sailing vessel.

The Mediterranean with all its culture, beauty and history.

Visiting Israel and all the Biblical sites during the voyages.

Great fellowship, Bible study, prayer, worship, discussion, outreach.

Cross-cultural opportunities and experiences.

Challenging sailing and watch keeping duties day and night.

Opportunities to gain experience, certification and confidence as a seafarer.

Develop your own personal & leadership skills.

Potential for a truly life changing experience.


Let your relationship with God, the Bible and your faith come alive.


YWAM motto "To know God and to make Him known."

Sailing, safety, seamanship,

navigation, meteorology, first aid,

day and night sailing.


Hearing  &  learning, growing in faith,

exploring truth, 

freedom, fun and adventure.

Beauty, history, meditation, tranquility, mystery, contemplation,  the oceans,

the landscape, the stars.

The wonders of life!