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Please come and join me in either March 2020 or in September 2020 Dry dock

We are continuing with refit work.

March will be round in Skala Lutra.

Loads of different jobs with different skills.

Painting, cleaning, fixing, cooking, wiring, fitting and lots more. Drop me a mail if you would like to come and join.

Ship fees for board and lodging still 15 euro a day.  Very reasonable considering the boat and location.

Flights best with Aegean Air and Easy Jet to Athens then on the Mytilini.

Or Ryan air to Thessaloniki then Mytilene.

Thomas Cook also now flying direct Manchester / London to Mytilene.

Proposed Plan for 2020

Jan- Feb Outreach teams on board, vessel stationary in Lautra.

Space on board for friends and visitors.

March refit team and prep for season all welcome to help.

7 April - May - June - 5 July  BWDTS    Brian as Capt. (Jeremy if needed).

5 July - August   Jeremy promoting 4 x 2 week sails Samos and back, starting and finishing in Avalick. 75 euro a head x 12 passenger berths available.

September dry dock in Lautra.

1 - 5 October  sail to Rhodes with 12 passenger places available.

5 - 15 October Flotilla sail to Israel. 

15 - 20 October Bible school board Next Wave in Herzliya. Capt Jeremy

20 October - 20 Nov Bible  School sail back to Lautra Capt Jeremy

20 Nov - 20 Dec Bible school stationary in Latra  


2021 Start same program again.

Contact me for more info, crew, trainee, staff all needed.

The Vision.

Behind the scene and praying fervently we would love to see a land base established in the Olive Press Hotel in Skala Lautron, a small fishing harbor 20 mins from Mytilini on the edge of the smaller of the two inland lagoons.

What does this location and place have to offer?

A place of peace, beauty and tranquility. 

Away from the rush and bustle of Mytilini. 

Away from the rush and bustle of life.

A place to come aside and rest.

A place to be inspired by creation.

A place to walk among ancient olive trees.

A place to stare at the ocean and ponder.














Situated 20 meters from the sandy beach and facing west to the setting sun.  This is a place one can come and breath fresh sea air, gaze at undulating beauty and in that stillness hear Gods voice in the depths of your heart.

Climb the small hill to the south and sit on a bench in front of the old Greek chapel and just meditate, let your mind rest, your heart ponder and your spirit communicate. Discover a fresh vision for your life.

Climb the large hill on the north of the bay and do serious prayer and intercession for your life, the island and the kingdom. Sleep on the top under the stars.  Take in all of creation that longs and yearns for your revealing.

What would we do there?

Basically in a word seek the transnational process of turning human olives into holy anointing oil.

For people of all different nationalities to come and meet God in a deeper way and through that daily encounter sense an internal transformation.  Become illumined on the inside 

Wonderful lounge with Olive press and open fire.                                                        Very large dining room and lecture room.

Accommodation in 16 two or four bed ground floor rooms with shower and toilet.

Beautiful Olive tree grounds to wonder in.

The practicals.

Acquire the Olive press hotel 

Acquire a coach.

Do the following : -

YWAM maritime base and training school.

Home port for Next Wave and other vessels.

Discipleship school and second level schools.

Cross cultural schools focused on the middle east.

Deeper richer connection and friendship with our Greek hosts.

Refugee interaction bringing a coach full of refugees from the local camp to the Olive Press hotel and invited them to; 

  1. Have a great meal and fellowship.

  2. Run the Alpha course in their language.

  3. Show the Jesus of Nazareth film (Franco Zeffirelli).

  4. Episode by episode week by week.

  5. Great Sunday worship.

  6. Run smaller discipleship groups in the evening.

  7. Build friendships and contacts in their home countries.

  8. Organize water sport activities like canoeing and sailing.

  9. Much, much more.

Tap into this amazing reservoir of middle eastern culture.

Find ways to reach them through the knowledge they already have of Jesus.

Build the kingdom on this wonderful blessed island!

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