Over the past 23 years Ceinwen and I have been involved in various humanitarian relief and Christian projects.

It has been a real privilege to help in struggling areas of the world.  To see the news and and try and make a difference.  Here are a few of the projects we have been involved with.  Looking forward to many more. 

Kenya 1994

In 1994 we helped construct a clinic for local people in Lodwar, Turkana, Northern Kenya.

We employed 12 local people both men and woman.  Ceinwen made breakfast and lunch for them each day.  Breakfast consisted chippaties and very sweet tea.  Lunch was boiled corn and black beans called kethiery, takes a lot of chewing.  The ladies did all the carrying and the men did the talking and building!

The team and I worked at building the clinic.  It was an amazing experience and we were very humbled by these lovely people and the circumstances they lived in.

We were based on the banks of Lake Turkana very near the Sudan boarder. Conflict raged to the north of us in Sudan. The landscape was mostly desert and low scrub.  Very little shade with average daily temperature  around 40 C !

   South Pacific 2001

Visiting remote isolated islands, encouraging small churches, teaching in schools, preforming dance and drama. Just hanging out with island people and I confess having a great time.

In 2001 we sailed 4500 nautical miles through the south Pacific.  Starting in Christchurch NZ and then on to Tonga - Samoa - Fiji and back to NZ

This beautiful 60 foot sailing ketch was lent to YWAM by a generous couple called Lyle and Val.

4500 nautical miles. 9000 km.  Christchurch, Gisburn, Kermadic Islands, Tonga, Hapia, Vavau, Neutupatapo, Samoa, Fiji,  back to Tonga, back to NZ.

Lesvos, Greece 2016-17-18

Now in Lesvos, Greece we are supporting the refugee work in a camp holding about 5000 people from mixed backgrounds.  These include Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Pakistan and Congo.

This year we managed to transport in my van 120 shoe boxes containing essential items for families and children.  We also delivered 10 bicycles.

The work in the camp can be anything from putting up tents, fixing water and electricity supplies, giving out food and clothing, providing security for woman, children and vulnerable adults.

The rest of the time here has been spent fixing up our dear Ship Next Wave.  The ship has been our support vessel, home, community center and much much more. 

The vessel has been a blessing to hundreds of people from all over the world. We hope and believe it will continue to do so for many years to come.