Great Sailing in and around Malta - Gozo - Camino.

Fun, Fellowship, Spiritual and Material Food.

Snorkelling, Walking, Dingy Sailing, Barbecue’s, Sight Seeing and much more.


One Week Sail around Malta


A week round Malta.


Flying down to the small jewel of an Island in the centre of the Mediterranean.

The local people live up to their Biblical heritage.

"The locals treated us with exceptional kindness".  Acts 28:2

They are a very special mix of Arabic, Italian and English (English being there second compulsory language).

Spen a week on a 42 meter Gaff Rigged Sailing Ship.

In the company of liked minded people all looking for an adventure to refresh the mind, soul and spirit.

Great food cooked on board.

Mixing in with all the duties such as cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, sailing and generally mucking in.

Visiting the real beauty spots on the coast and cultural sights inland,



Camino Island Blue Lagoon is simply special.  Crystal clear Turquoise water on a sandy bottom.


Un-inhabited Island to explore to just get away from it all.


Barbecue’s on the beach under the starry sky.


Dwejar bay is a natural harbour where you can anchor and spend a very peaceful night away from all civilization.


A great place to sleep on deck and meditate on the stars while gently rocked by the light Mediterranean swell.


Some of the best snorkelling and diving on the Island is found just a little further west of Dwejar Bay.


A really exciting swim through the arch and round the pillar.



Valletta is a City with a very long and interesting history.  Two significant events happened here, the siege of 1565 against the Turks and the defence of Malta during the Second World War.


The island and the City have special story to tell and lots to learn in a week’s holiday.

A Little History of Valletta.


Described by UNESCO’s World Heritage website as "one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world", Valletta is Malta’s capital city squeezed in less than one square kilometre of space. From the rich St. John’s Co-Cathedral, to the pristine 300 year old Manoel Theatre, restaurants, arts, monuments, traditional balconies, shops and malls, museums, forts and bastions, flea markets... Valletta has got it all.


The building of a city on the Sciberras Peninsula was proposed soon after the arrival of the Order of Saint John in Malta in 1530. Back then, the only building on the peninsula was a small watchtower dedicated to Erasmus of Formia (Saint Elmo). In 1552, the watchtower was demolished and the larger Fort Saint Elmo was built in its place.


In the Great Siege of 1565, Fort Saint Elmo fell to the Turks, but the Order eventually won the siege with the help of Spanish reinforcements. The victorious Grandmaster, Jean de Valette, immediately set out to build a new fortified city on the Sciberras Peninsula to fortify the Order's position in Malta and bind the Knights to the island. The city took his name and was called La Valletta.



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A Taste of Malta.