Sailing from Syracusa to Israel


Voyage of a Biblical Life time!


1249 Nautical Miles.


Starting in the Ancient City of Syracuse where Paul landed on his epic third missionary voyage from Israel to Rome.

The Old City is riddled with narrow streets, Plaza and endless coffee bars and patisseries.

Our Chef made the comment that she wants to marry the Fromargarie Owner because he sells the best cheese in the world!

We spend the first week learning how to sail in the large natural bay beside Syracuse.


After all our training, safety briefings, introductions, sight seeing and Bible study.


Its WAS then out to sea.


A three day and night sail up to the  Island of Corfu,.

Followed by Paxos and Anti Paxos with its Blue Lagoon.


Corfu is a fotified city with Ancient Castle.


The Journey continued.


Down through the Levkas Canal


Visiting the beautiful Island of Ithaca with all its Greek culture and mythology.


Sailing East along the Gulf of Patras, visiting the ancient City of Delphi before transiting the amazing Corinth Canal that connects the Ionian and Aegean Sea's.



We stopped for a while in the lovely little fishing harbour of Pachi.  Our Greek friends have always made us so welcome here.


From this little harbour we took coach expeditions to visit Athens, the Acropolis and Mount Olympus.


A further Expedition to the Biblical City of Corinth, a wonderful and challenging climb to the summit of the Old City.


Our  Greek Guide brought these two Cities fully alive in their ancient context showing us where Paul spoke from and the kind of life that was lived in those times.


From Pachi the School & Adventure continued.


Sailing through the Aegean Islands visiting.







Arriving In Ephesus (Turkey)

We will never read or meditate on the book of Ephesians the same after visiting Ephesus.  It is amazing, inspiring and thought provoking as we stood where Paul and his disciples stood as a riot took place in the City 2000 years ago.  it all comes to life, it all make sense, itl refreshed our spirit's.


From Ephesus we followed the Turkish Coastline down to Rhodes.

The Crusader Island where the Knights of St John build an impressive Fortress overlooking the straights between Rhodes and Marmaris.


This fort was finally relinquished to the Ottomans in 1522 and the Knights were permitted to leave and establish themselves in Sicily and then Malta.

From Rhodes the voyage continued to Paphos where Paul started his first missionary journey on the south east coast of Cyprus and then finally the rather intersting sail across to Herzliya Marina in Israel.


In Israel we had  a debrief on Next Wave which is was followed by a rich month of cultural extravaganza though out Israel.

Enjoy our Little Film

The Next wave is a boat not only that allows you to sail to destinations and different Nations, but more so, it takes you on a spiritual journey of the heart. Allowing your spiritual sails to be filled with the wind of the living Holy Spirit will take you to places you can't imagine, and give you stories that will last the rest of your life. I came to the Next Wave to do a DBS- Discipleship Bible School in March of 2014. Reading the entire Bible on location in Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Malta, and Italy for five months. It was, what I now consider the most incredible experience of my life! The environment of the boat deepened my love and discipline for sailing and community living. As well as gave me a platform to learn more truth of the Bible and opened doors to do ministry in multiple countries. Being a part of a ministry that equips the next wave of missionaries is such an incredible opportunity. I am so great full and thankful to have lived and shared life aboard the Next Wave. I would encourage you to consider being apart of the Next Wave! 



JohnMark Wheeler